Frequently asked questions

What is Skindividual and how does it work?

The combination of active ingredients in the Skindividual Natural Skin Lifting Serum, developed in Switzerland, reduces wrinkles and their depth in 60 minutes on the basis of plant-based ingredients. A detailed efficacy study confirms that the natural main active ingredient spilanthol reduces wrinkle depth by up to 24% within one hour. Skindividual acts like a soothing, cooling, refreshing lotion. It is absorbed quickly into the skin, is very pleasant and smoothes it noticeably and visibly.

How is Skindividual used?

Skindividual should be used regularly for daily skin care and wrinkle prophylaxis in the morning to achieve and increase the described effect. Apply one fingertip of the gel to cleansed face and spread evenly.

How long does the result last?

The combination of selected, natural active ingredients achieves the desired success in a short time and works for approx. 24 hours. A daily application shows the best results from the 30th day of application with a reduction in wrinkle depth of up to 44%.

Can Skindividual also be used on acne?

Skindividual is suitable for every skin type, no matter how sensitive. It is made without alcohol, free of allergens, vegan, paraben-free, odourless and fragrance-free. Its naturally balanced plant-based active ingredients soothe the skin, strengthen it, protect it from harmful environmental influences and promote both cellular and structural skin development.

How often does Skindividual need to be used?

Due to its high tolerance, Skindividual can be applied several times a day as needed to keep the skin supple, moisturised and nourished. To achieve the described effect, however, one application per day is sufficient.

Can I combine Skindividual with other products?

Skindividual is designed to be absorbed very quickly into the skin as a serum and does not affect the effect of other skincare products. So it's the perfect base for your daily make-up.

How long can a Skindividual gel be used?

This depends on your daily use. If you use it once a day, one 30ml skindividual is enough for about 100 applications.